IC5146 – Cocoon Nebula

IC5146 – Cocoon Nebula Small silky ball laid at the end of a dark footpath, between Cassiopea and Cygnus, the small Cocoon Nebula glows with soft red and mauve colors in a sanctuary of stars. This lovely object, catalogued IC5146, Sharpless 2-125 or Caldwell 19, is a hot emission hydrogen cloud where young stars are… Continue reading IC5146 – Cocoon Nebula

M42 – Orion Nebula

M42 – Orion Nebula Given the amount of pictures on social networks, capturing and processing this famous nebula has become quite demanding. This target is visible during the cold season in the Northern hemisphere, from November to end of February in my backyard, counting roofs and vegetation. What makes this object difficult is the luminosity… Continue reading M42 – Orion Nebula

Small disaster recovery

As it sometimes happens, the NAS hardware that was providing my website died at the end of August 2021. While its data had been backed up, repairing the WordPress package unfortunately dismissed the gallery associations! It will take a bit of time before I reconnect posts and media, so some pictures may be missing here… Continue reading Small disaster recovery

KStars v3.5.0 is released!

KStars v3.5.0 is the result of a few months of incredible work in terms of performance and stability. The Team could integrate in Ekos the excellent StellarSolver library, providing fast source extraction, HFR computation and plate-solving, and the very helpful Analyze module, giving an overview of the full observation session in a glance. My contribution… Continue reading KStars v3.5.0 is released!

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ASCOM support for Omegon EQ-500-X

Following my porting in C# of its INDI driver, I’m pleased to announce ASCOM support for the Omegon EQ-500-X equatorial mount. Look it up on the ascom-standards.org scope driver page! This ASCOM driver is available in version 1.2 and passes the conformance tests successfully. It provides slew-to-coordinates and timed pulse-guiding functionalities, and was tested with… Continue reading ASCOM support for Omegon EQ-500-X

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